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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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now at ten.... a stolen car leads to a deadly shooting in the south bay.... good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm j-r stone... it happened at the 'e'-lara apartments on main street near monta-hue expressway... milpitas police were able to catch the suspect almost immediately after the man stole a car from an apartment parking lot. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live where it happened what are tenants saying about this? ya milpitas police report it was here inside this parking structure that a woman was approached by the suspect with
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what she said were two guns pointed right at her. "and this girl rang the bell rang the bell saying someones trying to shoot me."a homicide investigation is underway after a man stole a car at gunpoint from this milpitas apartment parking lot then shot another man dead friday night. "it was definitely shocking"it happened at about 10:45 in the
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evening when a call came in to police from the llara apartments on south main street - saying the suspect pointed 2 guns at a woman then took her car keys.saturday night sounds of water dripping echoed in the parking lot as a cleaning crew washed off the blood from the aftermath.ella sogomonian, milpitas"now you can see the apartment building has a gated parking lot"as officers responded they said a gunshot was heard from the parking structure where they found a man shot raj maharaj, milpitas police department"as the suspect's car drove out they tried stopping him but the driver refused leading to a short pursuit. " " the unnamed suspect was arrested at serra way and south abel street and taken into custody. the victim hasn't been named by police. live in milpitas ella sogomonian kron 4 news. a big story we're following out of berkeley tonight... more suspicious deaths. four cases now in the last two months. carbon monoxide was to blame in two of the cases. two bodies were recovered around 11:30 this morning. kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to police. and has more on the investigation.
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in the south bay- a massive chunk of highway 35 in los gatos broke off yesterday, ... the road remains closed, but that hasn't stopped people from making the trek to take a look. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... neighbors don't expect the area to re-open for months... four news.
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a portion of highway 50 in the sierra is still closed tonight... because of a massive mudslide. the highway is closed from pollock pines to strawberry in el dorado county. motorists are advised to use an alternate route, the mudslide happened near icehouse road..just east of pollock pines crews have been on the scene since last night...trying to clean up the mess. caltrans and the c-h-p both don't believe the highway will fully re-open until early next week at the earliest. just north of that area- all lanes on interstate 80 near baxter in
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the sierra reopened. i-80 had been closed since friday morning due to large mudslide. crews spent the entire day yesterday clearing up the mess. c-h-p says to expect traffic and drive carefully through this area. the rain may be over for now... but the bay area is still dealing with the clean up. highway 37 in marin county...will remain closed for sometime. kron 4's jeff pierce was in novato today and has more on the highway's trt: 1:17
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it will be mostly clear and
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chilly tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. there will be plenty of sunshine on sunday with very mild temperatures in the 60s.
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floats, fire crackers and acrobats took part in this
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years chinese new years parade in san francisco. kron4's lydia pantazes is in chinatown tonight with more on the festivities...
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coming up on kron4 news at 10... a political message was spelled out on ocean beach this morning.... and it could be seen from the sky... what it said and what it was made up of...
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coming up. plus... north korea appears to have launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile... what president donald trump had to say about... and after the break... thousands of demonstrators faced off nationwide to show their support and opposition for planned parenthood. mmmmm psst. yoplait custard's back. the family favorite... protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. today thousands took to
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the streets all across the nation both for and against planned parenthood. a service that has been controversial throughout it's existence because of the groups support of birth control. nation.
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new at 10 the white house says it's monitoring the situation after a suspected north korean ballistic missile launch. north korean leader kim jong un ... announced an upcoming missile test in his new year's message. he said his nation would test an intercontinental ballistic weapon that can reach the u-s mainland. but u.s goverment officials say north korea appears to
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have launched an áintermediate rangeá missile today. those missiles can usually fly up to 34-hundred miles. according to a south korean defense official, the one launched today traveled only about three-hundred miles. trump says the u.s. stands behind japan '100 percent' after japan's prime minister critized the north korea missile launch. president trump and first lady melania are spending the weekend in florida with japan's prime minister and his wife. take a look at this protesters took to ocean beach in san francisco today. with a message for president donald trump. the word "resist" was spelled out with human bodies on the sand for beach-goers and those driving by to see. witnesses say nearly a thousand people helped spell "resist' the word, which is a hit amongst trump- protesters nationwide. had already been sketched into the sand before protesters arrived.
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it will be mostly clear and chilly tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. there will be plenty of sunshine on sunday with very mild temperatures in the 60s.
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still ahead... disney is raising it parks prices... we'll tell you by how much... and next: we go
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in depth tonight...we are in a growing drug epidemic... and no neighborhood is immune. the centers for disease control reports... the number of teens using heroin has doubled in the past decade. as kron 4's vicki liviakis reports... many of them are kids from the suburbs. just like this anti-drug public service announcement suggests - heroin is worming its way onto suburban high school campuses and into the
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student body. stephanie is a self- described soccer mom from danville who discovered her oldest was doing heroin at home. she has since learned that the high schooler's friends are using heroin... and her child has nearly died doing it. her fears are real. this
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east bay physician says he is now treating addicted teens in greater numbers. stephanie's child is still struggling... she share's a mother's warning to other parents who might miss the tell tale signs. vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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there are several organizations that are working to curb the heroin and opiod epidemic ... especially among teens. you can go to our website.. kron 4 dot com.. for a list and links. our special in-depth report continues tomorrow night on the kron4 news at 10... you can watch part three. still ahead... a deportation raid is happening across the country... the new executive order on immigration president trump is considering signing... and next... the oroville dam's
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a day after the oroville dam's spillway started eroding, water is now also coming over the áemergency spillway - something water managers weren't expecting. kron four's spencer blake has more on just how concerned you should be. since the oroville dam opened in 1968, it has ánever had water rush down the emergency spillwayuntil this weekend. after a 200-foot section of oroville dam's main spillway caved in earlier in the week, water managers slowed the flow by 15 percent, hoping it
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wouldn't need another channel to flow through."at this flow right now we do not anticipate any water going over the emergency spillway."but that department of water resources prediction was wrong, and water poured over the emergency spillway early saturday morning."which was never supposed to be used. if it wasn't there, there'd be a whole lot of catastrophe downstream."cal fire and water resources did their best to prevent catastrophe before the second spillway turned into a waterfall.congressman john garamendi of davis could appreciate the work they did to protect his constituents who live farther down the feather river."what they did was to clear off the brush as much as they could - clear off the trees, open up that emergency spillway channel so there wouldn't be too much debris headed down river."as for the eroded chunk of the dam's main spillway, it hasn't affected the overall integrity of the dam - water resources assures people it's still safe. but it needs a fix that will cost at least 100 million where will that come from?"the state has declared a disaster area. that means the federal government could follow."congressman garamendi says the one thing
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that might get in the way of federa aidis a trump administration that might not be willing to help such a staunchly blue always, water managers are already looking ahead to the next round of rain on thursday. they're hoping to get the reservoir's level down before the newsroom, spencer blake, kron four news. highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains is now partially open after a massive mudslide shut down the highway. one lane is open in each direction where the mudslide happened....just north of vine hill school road. engineers are still trying to figure out the best way to clean up the mess left behind. the clean-up work has proven to be very dangerous. on thursday, two contractors working for caltrans were run over by a dump-truck trying to clear the road. one of them died, the other was seriously injured. there is now an online fundraiser for the family of the worker that was killed...that link can be found at kron-4-dot-com in national news tonight... immigration
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raids happening across the nation as president donald trump considers signing a new executive order on immigration---specifically focused on extreme vetting.
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and in the nation's capital. hundreds of people have gathered right
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outside the white house. in protest of those raids following president trump's executive order beefing up immigration enforcment.more than 160 people were detained in raids in at least six states this week. of those people, 75 percent had felony convictions. and the rest had misdemeanors or were undocumented. the commander in chief...has pledged to deport as many as 3 million undocmented immigrants with criminal records. there is a new grassroots movement taking shape -- it is called "indivisible". it's targetting g-o-p lawmakers... with rallies - phone calls -- and now rowdy town halls. reporter kyung lah shows us the impact it's having. natsthe town hall welcome for congressman jason chaffetz.nats jeered...natsdrowned out... rep. jason chaffetz/ utah:"i'm
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trying to be as representative as i can."natsa crowd of one thousand... viscerally tired of d-c blather...natsanother one thousand people, say police... outside.nats congressman chaffetz... seeing firsthand the national tide of angry voters.natsin california... protesters swarmed this town hall... chasing out the congressman.natsfrom nebraskato pennsylvania to indiana natsknocking on district doors sitting in, uninvited.channeling post-election anger a progressive movement called indivisible.natsindivisible was founded by former congressional staffers who saw firsthand the power of the
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2009 tea party to stall president obama's agenda. indivisible now claims three- thousand groups and one-hundred thousand members spread across every congressional district.donald aguirre/member, indivisible utah:"these are things that we need to ask jacob chaffetz." it's organized... donald aguirre live streaming an action plan to indivisible utah 24 hours before congressman chaffetz's town hall.kyung lah/reporter:"this is directly in response to the election?"donald aguirre/member , indivisible utah:"100 percent. from one donald to another, i'm not going anywhere. and there are millions of people like me that are going nowhere that was kyung lah reporting.. the white house has dismissed the demonstrations as "professional protests". in san francisco... 100- year old iris canada was evicted from her apartment this morning. canada lived in the western addition apartments for more than 50 years. this afternoon about 50 protestors arrived to
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city hall and held a rally outside the sheriff's department. a san francisco superior court judge ruled that canada could be evicted since she failed to pay court-ordered attorneys fees. protestors held signs accusing interim sheriff vicki hennessy of being an elder abuser. coming up on kron4 news at ten... an 18-wheeler... tipped over by the wind.....lands on a patrol car... and it was all caught on camera.. and after the break... starting tomorrow... you can now fly internationally on southwest... the places you can visit out of oakland international airport after the break...
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starting tomorrow oakland's international airport will allow southwest airlines to fly internationally . oakland airport officials and southwest have
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agreed to have daily flights to puerto vallarta and los cabos every morning. passengers that fly to these destinations tomorrow will be greeted by airline executives and a mariachi band. travelers will also be able to eat some cake. puerto vallarta and los cabos are popular destinations for southwest customers living in the bay area you'll have to set aside a little more dough to enjoy "the happiest place on earth." disney says the tickets for its u-s parks will get more expensive on sunday. single-day passes to the magic kingdom will cost up to five extra dollars, with top tickets going for 124-bucks. you'll have to pay up to 869-dollars for annual passes at walt disney world in florida, an increase of up to 40-dollars. disney says it still offers a great deal for the money, compared to other forms of family entertainment, such as concerts and football games. in 2015 prince removed
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all of his music off spotify... but the weekend most of his music is available spotify confirmed on friday that prince's warner bros catalog will be made available. it includes most of the music prince recorded before 1995, including albums 1999, purple rain and dirty mind. the catalog will also be available in other streaming services, except for tidal. still ahead... we'll explain how bullying can impact your child's education... and ahead in sports...
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bullying isn't just about physical violence or emotional pain -- it can also impact your child's education. reporter kim hutcherson explains how bullying can impact your child's capacity to learn... take a look at this... powerful winds in elk mountain, wyoming blew over an 18-wheeler -- and it was caught on camera. you can see the big rig fall on top of a police car. winds were blowing at about 70-miles per hour at the time. no officers were in the car at the time and no one was injured. the dash cam video was released by the wyoming highway patrol to remind drivers to follow high wind advisories.
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it will be mostly clear and chilly tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. there will be plenty of sunshine on sunday with very mild temperatures in the 60s.
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bullying isn't just about physical violence or emotional pain -- it can also impact your child's education. reporter kim hutcherson explains how bullying can child's capacity to learn...
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all the talk tonight is about the golden state warriors. kevin durant's return to oklahoma city. the all star was greeted with boo's from the fans. it was his decision to leave o-k-c
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for the bay area. boo's didn't stop him though. durant gets the pass, the drive, the shot and the first two points of the game. then in transition draymond green finds klay thompson in the corner for the three. warriors were up big the entire game... then durant again driving, kicks out to steph curry with the three. durant ended up with 34 points against his old team. curry added 26...warriors win 130 to 114. baseball season is right around the corner. literally...pitchers and catchers report on monday. san francisco giants fanfest was held at at&t park today and look who showed up outside. barry bonds. the legendary giants slugger. as you may know he now lives in san francisco and rode over to the ballpark to start his bike ride this morning. giving out autographs and talking with fans. as for the players. we
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asked some of them how they spent their off time. there were some good pictures taken today at fan fest as well. kron 4's gary radnich was out there with will tran. you can see the picture they took. always great when you see your crew out there. you can also see some of the shots showing all the people who got to go right down onto the field. coming up after the coming up
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coming up after the break we'll take a look at the new movies hitting the box office...
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weekend, as moviegoers get to choose between action, steamy romance, and family fare -- many to whose expected to come out on top...
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the dark knight gets his own toy-based spinoff with "the lego batman movie." the original opened with 69- million dollars, and analysts expect "lego batman" to debut almost as well. christian and anastasia return for more steamy romance in "fifty shades darker." the first film in the franchise debuted with 85-million. box office watchers say the sequel won't come close to that, but should open comfortably in second place. keanu reeves' return as the hitman for hire in "john wick: chapter two." the original opened with 14- million dollars, while analysts expect "chapter two" to come out firing with 20- million or more. coming up on kron4 news at 11... police in the east bay are investigating another suspicious death... what happened and where... next the kron4 news at 11 is back in just three minutes
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